Starting April 1st, you can exchange remaining tickets for local specialty products.



Shin'etsu Shizenkyo Super Value Tickets are 5 1-day lift passes that can be used at 23 ski resorts in the Shin'etsu Shizenkyo area (Nagano & Niigata Prefectures), including Iiyama City, Nakano City, Yamanouchi Town, Shinano Town, Iizuna Town, Kijimadaira Village, Nozawaonsen Village, Sakae Village, and Myoko City.
You also receive a wide range of deals and vouchers including meals and onsen entry! 5tickets per booklet-split it amongst a group, or keep it all for yourself!

Super Value Ticket
On sale
Sunday, October 1, 2023 ~ Sunday, December 31, 2023 sold out
Period of use
Saturday, December 16, 2023 ~ Sunday, March 31, 2024
Number of Sales
Limited 1,500
25,000 YEN

*Tickets cannot be exchanged for ShigaKogen All 18 SKI AREA Common Tickets. However they can be exchanged for 1-day lift tickets for each area.

Super Value Tikcet Outline

How to purchase

Tickets can be purchased via online credit card payment (STORES) by clicking on the "Buy Tickets" button.

  • Once tickets have been shipped, they cannot be cancelled.
  • Tickets will be shipped by registered mail within 3 business days after payment is confirmed.
    If the tickets are reshipped due to absence, the customer is responsible for shipping charges.
  • Tickets will not be refunded.
  • Tickets can be purchased at TIC Tokyo (Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Exit) and Shin'etsu-Shizenkyo Activity Center(JR Iiyama Station).
  • Maximum purchase quantity per person is 5 booklets.
  • Tickets can be shipped only to locations within Japan.
  • Tickets can be picked up at Shin'etsu-Shizenkyo Activity Center(JR Iiyama Station)
  • If you wish to have tickets shipped to your accommodation, please contact them directory for permission.
Sold Out
22-23 season tickets are no longer available.

Super Value Ticket Terms and Conditions

  • Ticket invalid if detached.
  • Unused tickets will not be refunded in cash.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other discount offers.
  • Tickets are only valid within the define" period of use (12/16-2023 - 3/31-2024)
  • Tickets exchanged for lift passes and other special offers cannot be returned.
  • Lost or stolen super value tickets will not be replaced or re-issued.
  • When exchanging tikcets for lift passes, please follow ski area rules related to lift pass use.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged for two or three day lift passes, or used to pay for multiple day passes.
  • Tickets will not be refunded in the case of lift stoppage due to inclement weather or accidents.
  • At ski resorts using electromagnetic chips, guests using super value tickets may be asked to pay a refundable security deposit.
  • Ski resorts may change the cost of lift passes during the season;this will not change the redeemable goods/services offered by each resort in exchange for a super value ticket.
  • Tickets will not be refunded in the case of suspention of ski resort operations due to Coronavirus, natural disaster, or severe snowfall.
  • *Tickets cannot be exchanged for ShigaKogen All 18 SKI AREA Common Tickets. However they can be exchanged for 1-day lift tickets for each area.
  • For Coronavirus health and safety protocols at ski resorts, please refer to the websites of each ski resort.

Participating Resort Information

Tickets can be exchanged for lift passes/coupons at the ticket center of each resort.

Please click each resorts icon for more detail.

Download a map of affiliated ski resorts

If you have unused tickets

Unused tickets can be redeemed for Shin'etsu Shizenkyo specialties or summer coupons at ski resorts during the period of use. Please complete the application within the exchange period.

Exchange Period
Monday, April 1, 2024 - Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Exchange Procedure

Choose from 9 specialities or 7 summer coupons at ski resorts.

You’ll receive 1 item per 1 unused ticket.

Once you have selected a product(s), Please fill out and submit your application.

The goods will be shipped between mid-May and early June.

Exchange Notice

  • Goods can be shipped only to locations within Japan.
  • If you select multiples of the same item, they may be packaged together. Different items may be shipped on different dates.
    Please request delivery date if you select Option G (Shinshu pork) and/or Option H (Nozawana pickles and chili oil). Delivery date has to be from June 1 to June 15 for G (Shinshu pork) and after May 20 for H (Nozawana pickles and chili oil).
  • When you have multiple goods sent to different address, please submit the application form separately.
  • Some items may take longer, depending on stock and shipping status.
    *Please note that we may not be able to accept delivery on certain dates depending on the status of courier service.
  • If the goods are reshipped for the customer's convenience, the customer will be responsible for shipping charges.
  • Please receive goods (Specialty G "Nakano City" and Specialty H "Nozawa Onsen Village") on requested ship date, or they cannot be reshipped.
  • The goods that you received cannot be exchanged.
  • Please keep the unused ticket until the product arrives.
  • Summer coupons at ski resorts are only available during the 2024 summer season.

Exchange Products

Enjoy local products that are limited only available in the Shin'etsu Shizenkyo area.
*Image for illustration purposes only.

Summer Ski Resort Exchange Products

Come visit our summer ski resort. Redeemable for tickets to experience summer activities!

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