Shin’etsu-Shizenkyo Cycling

The Shin’etsu Shizenkyo comprises nine cities, towns and villages in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture. This area is blessed with crisp, clear air, fresh, clean water, dynamic mountains, and historical, majestic rivers, and enjoys a long, rich history and unique culture that has been cultivated by these great forces of nature. We hope that “more people learn about the nature that gives us such wonderful gifts, and the truly rich daily lives of the people who coexist with nature,” and that “more people feel an intimate connection to the charms of this area through sensations and experiences.”

We believe that the best way to acomplish this, and the most suited to this area is cycling, as it gives you a wider range than walking, it gives you a holiday mood that can’t be felt in automobiles, and can be enjoyed at your own pace, to freely visit locations that capture your imagination.
With the Shin’etsu-Shizenkyo Activity Center at Iiyama Station as our base, we have established a careful network of cycle stations as rest areas, and will give our full support to ensure that you can cycle safely and comfortably. We are sure that you will find a way of enjoying this wonderful area regardless of your cycling experience, whether or not you have gears, your age, your physical strength, the time required, or the purpose of your trip.